Monday, March 06, 2006


I'm very excited about my new website! I think the designer did a terrific job, and it's very easy to update. I hope you'll enter my contest. I promise not to deluge you with e-mail. I'll only send a message when I have news to announce.

I found an interesting article about hooks, and I thought I'd share it. The article is called How to Hook Your Readers Right from the Start. Hope you enjoy it!

In writing news, I'm back to editing Office Relations. An online friend has taken a look at it and given me some good feedback. The only trouble is that my edits are making the story shorter. LOL! Ultimately, my changes will result in a stronger story, but I want to make sure it's at least 10,000 words when I'm finished. After this round of edits, I'm submitting the story somewhere else and moving on. Sean and Chloe are waiting impatiently for me to get back to them.

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