Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time Flies

My next book, The Seventh Sense, comes out on Friday. Yay! You can get it at Cobblestone Press.
When Erin Andrews buys an antique ring, her practical world turns upside-down. First, she hears a disembodied voice. Then, she receives a series of threatening notes. In her search for answers, Erin seeks advice from antiquities expert Luke Hunter, a man who's deeply interested in the ring.

Luke has been researching the secrets of Erin's ring for more than a decade. His help--and protection--proves invaluable, but can Erin trust that he wants her . . . and not her antique ring?
The Seventh Sense is my first paranormal, and it was a lot of fun to write. I'm excited to have a new book out, although I don't know where March went.

Actually, I do know. I spent the last part of it having my appendix out. Life is much better without it, although I'm still recovering my strength after surgery. I'm back at work, though, and feeling better every day.

Anyway, here's an excerpt from The Seventh Sense:

"Can you teach me to do it?"

He looked confused. "Do what?"

"Fight. You teach karate, right?"

"Karate isn't about fighting."

"I want to learn," I persisted.

"I'll teach you. But we'll start with something else and work up to karate." He stood up, turning off the TV with the remote before pulling me down the hallway. He led me to a makeshift gym with standard equipment, weights, and a wide area I guessed was where he practiced karate. Blue mats covered the floor. "Let's get started."

Something else turned out to be instruction in balance and lessons in escaping from different holds.

I wiggled against him. "I . . . want to . . . do karate."

"You just can't remember how to get out of this hold," he said near my ear.

He was right. I couldn't remember, and the proximity of our bodies wasn't helping matters. I stood in front of him, arms at my side, while his arms wrapped around me and rested directly under my breasts. My struggling wasn't getting me out of his arms-it was only pushing my breasts against his forearms and making me feel out of breath.

"You're wrong. I do remember." I didn't, but I didn't want him to know it.

"So?" I felt his chest move as if he were trying not to laugh. "What's your next move?"

Hell. I wasn't sure what the move was supposed to be, but I wanted to turn around and push him against the wall. With only a few short tugs, I could get his pants off and my pants off and then I'd wrap my legs around him and sink onto his cock . . .

His arms tightened a fraction. "You sure you know what to do?"

Oh, yeah. I knew what to do, and the dampness of my panties signaled how ready I was to do it.

"Are you hoping I'll get bored and let you go?"

No, not even close. "Yes, it's part of my plan to distract you from whatever you're planning to do."

"It's not working," he muttered, and I felt his dick swell against me.

Maybe I could use this. He had my upper body immobilized. Now I'd see what I could do with the rest. I wiggled again, this time doing my best to press against him.

"Nice try." He tightened his arms again.

Okay, that hadn't worked. I tried to ease my arms out of reach and realized it was hopeless. Use your head. But I was so distracted by Luke that I couldn't have located my head if I had a map and directions.

"Think about it, Erin. If my arms are around you, what does that mean?"

I was pretty sure I knew what it meant. That was the problem.

Hope you enjoy The Seventh Sense! The book is part of the In the Runes series at Cobblestone Press. Here's a trailer created for the series.

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